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Wire Way

Acrobatic platformer released for the iPhone.

Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH has today released Wire Way for the iPhone and iPod touch. This fun platform game costs just £2.99 Euro for the basic game, with additional stages available for just £1.19.

Starring an acrobatic hero called Wiley, the player is charged with helping him find the ‘Elan’ energy source he seeks. The Elan is spread across a series of hazard-laden stages, and Wiley swings from one taut wire to the next, as he locates the Elan icons and to the level end at the top of the screen. Control is simplicity itself, with the touch-screen system of the iPhone an iPod touch used to steer Wiley’s jumps, while the Elan icons temporarily endow him with faster speed and larger jump capabilities.

Additional game modes include ‘Flick Trials’ wherein the user must complete the stage in as few leaps as possible, and a ‘Strategery’ option where the player must edit the level to reach the exit. The expansion pack also adds an extra 16 stages to the basic game, and eight new Flick Trial and Strategy levels.


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