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Wings of Power: World War II Heavy Bombers and Jets Crash-lands on October 22nd 2004

21st OCTOBER 2004


Developer: Shockwave Productions

Genre Microsoft FlightTM Simulator 2004 add-on

Platform: PC CD-ROM

Release 22nd October 2004

SRP £24.99

Microsoft Train and Flight Simulator add-on specialist publisher First Class Simulations is pleased to announce the arrival of Wings of Power from critically acclaimed developer Shockwave Productions Inc.

Weighing in at slightly less than one of the many planes featured in the game is the 153-page manual which contains valuable and hard-to-find information pertaining to all the planes including blueprints and engineers' notes that flight sim fans will find fascinating. And yet, despite all of this tremendous attention to detail, you can still just throw the throttle forward and fly away. "However, for those out there that live for realism and depth, Wings of Power will deliver on a scale never seen before," says Tim Gallagher of Shockwave Productions.

Wings of Power: World War II Heavy Bombers and Jets lifts Microsoft's greatest flight simulator to all-new heights!

Features include:

  • Gorgeously constructed aircraft, inside and out, down to the last rivet
  • A fully clickable cockpit with authentically working switches, dials, and gauges
  • 3D cockpits so real, they look just like their photo-quality 2D counterparts
  • WWII air-combat veterans and modern warbird pilots were actively involved in creating the "feel" of these aircraft
  • Authentic Flight Models® use wind tunnel technology to create the most fluid flying experience including realistic stalls and spins
  • Accurate Engine Management means real-world fuel flow and cruise performance
  • New lighting and visual effects
  • Fly the famous heavy bombers of WWII and the ingenious German jet technology that opposed them through 50 missions.
  • Over 150-page manual filled with pilot reports, authentic flight manual diagrams, rare factory blue prints and other hard-to-find information
  • Built to take full advantage of Microsoft's latest flight simulation technology

Featured Aircraft

  • B17F and B17G "Flying Fortress"
  • B29a "Super Fortress"
  • B24D and B24J "Liberator"
  • PB4Y-2 "Privateer"
  • Lancaster BIII and "Grand Slam"
  • Ar234 "Blitz Bomber"
  • Ta183 "Huckebein"
  • He162 "Salamander"

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First Class Simulations

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United Kingdom

Tel: 01869 346104

Fax: 0870 132 1026

For press enquiries contact Richard Barclay on 020 7386 7398 or

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About Shockwave Productions Inc

Shockwave Productions Inc. specializes in the development and publication of flight simulations, strategy games, visual effects and sound. The company is a North American based operation located in Farmington, Connecticut.

About First Class Simulations

First Class Simulations is a dedicated publisher of add-ons for Microsoft flight and train simulation products. The company is a division of Contact Sales Limited.

About Contact Sales Limited

Established in 1997, Contact Sales is a UK-based distributor of computer game software and their associated peripherals. The company was voted 'Distributor of the Year 2003' by the National Association of Specialist Computer Retailers. It signed its first publishing agreement in 1998 and now handles product for Abacus, Aerosoft, Lago, Wilco, NBG Blue Sky, Halycom Media GmbH, The Heritage Collection and Whiptail Interactive.

About Excalibur Publishing

Set up in 2004, Excalibur Publishing is the PC video game publishing arm of the group. Its aim is to bring good quality, original and innovative products to the PC games player.

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