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Wildfire Wireless Controller

Third-party controller that connects via Bluetooth, so no dongles required.



Stone, Staffordshire, United Kingdom, 25th March 2009 – Datel launch the Wildfire Wireless Controller for PS3; the first 3rd party controller in the world to communicate directly with the PS3 over its protected Bluetooth protocol, and complete with a fully programmable Turbo Rapid Fire mode.

Until now, all wireless 3rd party PS3 controllers have communicated with the PS3 through some form of USB wireless adapter, a system that has been criticised for reduced performance and convenience compared with original SONY controllers. Made possible by technology from Datel’s Raw Science reverse engineering division, Wildfire is able to communicate directly with the PS3, making for a neater, higher performance solution that behaves exactly like an original SONY controller.

Wildfire also addresses other criticisms levelled at 3rd party controllers by featuring accurately calibrated tilt and motion sensors, accurately calibrated analogue inputs, and responsive buttons. The vibration feedback of the DualShock 3 is also present.

Wildfire’s secret weapon is its programmable Turbo Rapid Fire function that can be assigned to any one of 8 different buttons. With 3 different speed settings available and the ability to enable or disable rapid fire at any time the feature can be put to devastating use in a wide range of games. Used in first-person-shooters like Call of Duty: World at War single shot weapons like pistols and rifles become automatic weapons capable of emptying a clip in a second. Even fully automatic weapons can benefit from the rapid fire’s slower speed settings where holding down fire will ‘pulse’ the weapon, sparing ammunition and keeping the reticule small to optimise accuracy.


• Programmable Turbo Rapid Fire

• Redesigned ergonomic shape fits perfectly in the hands

• Fully PS3 Bluetooth® compatible (no need for a separate dongle)

• Built-in true ‘E-Gyro’ and ‘MEMS’ sensors

• Automatic pairing over USB

• Vibration feedback

• 20ft wireless range

• USB connector for automatic sync with the PS3

• Uses 2x AA batteries


Wildfire has a RRP of just £29.99/$39.99 and is available now from and good independent video game stores.

For a limited time, UK customers buying from Codejunkies will get free delivery on their Wildfire controller.


Multiple high resolution images are downloadable from press site. Direct link:

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