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Wii Fit in stock "as soon as possible"

"We're doing everything we can" says Nintendo, following the title's plummet down the UK chart

Nintendo has pledged that Wii Fit stocks will be replenished "as soon as possible", following recent shortages.

The full extent of the supply drought of the hugely popular exercise title was revealed with the release of UK chart.

With stock of the title almost completely drying up, the game dramatically plummeted out of the UK All Format Top 40 altogether, having been No2 in the listings last week. The remaining stock could only push the game to No15 in the Wii chart.

But while Nintendo admitted that "there are pockets of stock shortages in areas of the UK", a spokesman stressed "we are doing everything we can to replenish shortages as soon as possible.

"To this effect we are continuing to bring Wii Fit stock into retailers across the UK on a weekly basis," he added.

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