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Why Spend Time Playing Games When You Can Easily Create Your Own?

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ArianeSoft Inc has released Pocket Programming Language, a fast and powerful programming system that makes it easy to develop games on both the Windows and Windows Mobile PDA platforms. Instead of taking months to write challenging games, Pocket Programming Language cuts development time to hours.

Pocket Programming Language is based upon the best elements of C, Pascal, and Basic. While the program can be used to develop business demos or any type of software application, its powerful game development tools make it ideal for creating challenging games.

Professional programmers will appreciate Pocket Programming Language's complete integrated development environment (IDE) for Windows, including a project manager, full source code syntax highlighting, a file explorer, and an easy-to-use Visual Form Builder. As with any high-end language compiler, you can profile your code, and visually debug and trace variables from within the IDE. The multilevel visual game editor lets you see your game on the screen, as you're designing it.

Game developers can concentrate on game design and playability, because Pocket Programming Language automatically handles the tedious parts of game development. The system includes a complete game graphics application programming interface (API), as well as a sound API. The graphics engine includes 2D physics processing, pixel shading, and a particle system. Objects move and resize realistically, automatically. The system even ensures that the game's movement speeds will be consistent on all computers, fast and slow.

To further speed game development, Pocket Programming Language is designed for simplicity. Variables are handled internally, and there's no need to define or free them. Strings and arrays are handled automatically. There is a powerful mathematics library built into the system. It's easy to increase the system's power by linking to external .dll files.

Whether you're a professional programmer who wants to quickly create an exciting computer game, a student who wants to explore your aptitude and interest in pursuing programming as a career, or a business person who needs to create a stunning sales presentation for your prospects, Pocket Programming Language lets you write high-quality games and applications in hours.

Pocket Programming Language runs under Windows 2000/XP/2003 and on all Pocket PCs using Windows Mobile 2000/2002/2003/2003SE/2005. Programs written for any of these versions of Windows are fully compatible with all versions of Windows, both desktop/laptop and Pocket PC. All games that you create may be sold or otherwise distributed without royalty payments. The Standard version costs $39.95 (US). The $79.95 Professional version expands the game interface with a 2D physics engine and particle engine. It also includes a Profiler to help speed up your programs, the PPL Assembler, and a memory analyzer to identify and eliminate memory leaks in your programs.

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About ArianeSoft Inc

Based in Montreal, ArianeSoft creates and markets Windows and Pocket PC applications for software developers, businesses, and home users. In addition to Pocket Programming Language, the company also offers DataMite, a highly customizable data extraction tool that makes it easy to grab information from emails, spreadsheets, PDF files, and many other sources; and Quick-Axs, a handy program-launch application that works in the Windows task bar.

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