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Weird Worlds Soundtrack now available.

Twelve whole minutes of aural wonder awaits.

Hampstead, NC, 02 June 2008

Whether it's relaxing after a long day of work, driving through the countryside on a fine Sunday afternoon, or being probed by little green spacemen everything goes better with music. With that in mind Digital Eel, masters of the twenty minute space oddities and other realms beyond the ken of man, have made available the official soundtrack to their hit game, Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space, for immediate download!

Available in either 44100Hz stereo/128Kbps or 44100Hz stereo/486KBps DRM-free .mp3 formats the Weird Worlds soundtrack features twelve minutes of music that will take you on an astral journey from here to Sector Prime and back. It includes over twenty tracks, many of which are cuts that were not featured in the final game and are now available for your listening pleasure for the first time ever! Enjoy the "missing" theme loop, along with tracks for all your favorite races such as the Tchorak, Tan Ru, Muktian, and many more.

Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space won Digital Eel the IGF 2006 Innovation In Audio Award and with such an amazing soundtrack it's easy to hear why. Download it today and share it with your friends, family, and those peeping Greys that like to jump up and down outside your house. Put it on your iPod, computer, in your car, or wherever you listen to .mp3s (or better yet, in all places). Burn it onto a CD and pass it out and the

next Star Trek rave.

And need we remind you that it will make the perfect companion piece for the upcoming Digital Eel board game, Eat Electric Death!? Eat Electric Death! is a tactical starship combat game set in the Infinite Space universe. Players can command vessels from seven races (Terrans, Garthans, Tan Ru, Zorg, Urluquai, Yellow Kawangi, and the Klakar) ranging from nimble fighters to gargantuan base stations in over twenty-five scenarios. With Eat Electric Death! Digital Eel has brought everything you've come to expect from their electronic visions—amazing visuals, addictive and easy to learn gameplay, endless replayability—and translated it seamlessly into the world of cardboard and dice. Currently in production it will be available soon.

Download the official Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space soundtrack here:

For more information on Eat Electric Death! and to pre-order please visit:

If per chance you have not yet experienced the award-winning game that the soundtrack originates from by all means be sure to check out the Weird Worlds gamepage here:

From there you can read more about it and download a unique ten year pirate mission that will provide a good sampling of what to expect from the full game and find out why

Kieron Gillen of Eurogamer blamed it for his procrastinating Christmas shopping the year it was released: "Oh - a final testimonial to Weird Worlds strengths: as of 1:00 am

on December 22nd, I haven't done any Christmas shopping yet. When my aggrieved girlfriend, family and friends come at me with the communal axe, I'm blaming this."

Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite is available on both PC and Mac and can be ordered either as a physical copy or as a direct download.

Be sure to visit Shrapnel Games, publisher of Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space, to check out our complete catalog of critically acclaimed independent strategy games, including many FREE titles such as winSPWW2 (the original supermod Steel Panthers conversion) and many from Digital Eel, including a print-and-play fantasy board game.

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