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Waygate Publishing Confirms First Major In-Game Event for Legend: Legacy of the Dragons


LONDON - February 19, 2008 - Waygate Publishing Limited, publisher of the popular, free-to-play, browser-based Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, Legend: Legacy of the Dragons, today confirmed plans to host its first major in-game event, which includes a mass PvP battle for up to 500 gamers. The company says it is delighted with the current progress of the game and is very excited about the event, which it intends to hold monthly in conjunction with the Full Moon.

Waygate Publishing also confirmed that the localisation and translation of new content is on schedule and expected to be released from the end of February. It includes a number of exciting features and upgrades about which it will release further details soon.

The Battle of the Dragons

For the last week, hundreds of players have been collecting the items required for access to the Battle of the Dragons which will occur on Wednesday, February 20th. The battle will pit the best warriors of each race (Magmar and Human) against each other, led by their dragons, Striagorn and Erifarius. It is a battle not only for pride and glory but for a real advantage as the winning race will lead the war against the eternal enemy of Faeo, Chaos

The Invasion of Chaos

Chaos is planning an invasion on Thursday, February 21st and the victors of the Battle of the Dragons will be temporarily boosted in the fight against Chaos with a gift from their dragon. Participation in repelling the invasion offers players an excellent opportunity to boost their character's attributes for the coming month of quests and battles.

New content and features

In addition, Waygate Publishing announced that it has almost completed the translation and localisation of new content, including 27 new quests, and intends to begin releasing them from the end of February. The new content will include the introduction of magic into the game for the first time. There will also be a significant software update, adding a new 'Navigator' feature to aid player's orientation and travels in the ever-growing world of Faeo. More details will follow shortly.

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About Waygate Publishing

Waygate Publishing Limited operates from offices in central London, specialising in the localisation and operation of Eastern European online games. The company also develops location-aware multimedia, used in popular satellite navigation devices.

About IT-Territory

IT-Territory is the Russian-based developer and publisher of Legend: Legacy of Dragons and numerous other online games. IT-Territory recently announced it has acquired the rights to translate and localise The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar for the Russian-speaking market.

Tom Duerden, Communications Director

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