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Warner Bros snaps up Snowblind Studios

Seattle-based game maker to become third in-house developer for the publisher

Warner Bros has announced that it has acquired Seattle-based Snowblind Studios, the developer behind Champions of Norrath: Realms of Everquest, Death Tank and Justice League Heroes.

"This is a good fit for Warner Bros and Snowblind Studios," commented Kevin Tsujihara, president of Warner Bros Home Entertainment Group.

"The arrangement broadens our portfolio with quality games and provides Snowblind with access to our global distribution and publishing capabilities. Snowblind has a great reputation and we are pleased to welcome them into the Warner Bros family."

The deal to make Snowblind Studios the third in-house development studio under Warner Bros, along with Monolith Productions and TT Games, represents the media giant's continued interest in the games sector.

"The acquisition of Snowblind is an important milestone for our games business, allowing us to expand our development capabilities even further," said Martin Tremblay, president of Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment.

"We are proud to be associated with such a talented team that is focused on executing innovative and captivating game designs."

Ryan Geithman, head of Snowblind Studios, added: "We look forward to working as a part of Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment on creating several distinctive games with wide appeal."

"Our team is committed at every level to making the best gaming experience possible for our audiences."

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