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Warner Bros Montreal to focus on social and mobile titles

Newly established studio taking big IPs to smaller games

Warner Bros' newest development studio, Montreal, is to move away from triple-A blockbuster development towards games for social and mobile markets, according to comments made by the studio head.

Speaking to a Canadian newspaper Lapressaffaires, Martin Carrier said that the studio was responding to market shifts and hoped to take well-established IP into the casual market with downloadable titles and a microtransaction-based MMO.

"Before, we perceived the market as a secondary market, but today is a growing market with the democratization of video games. Commercially, we believe we can sell more than games on a grand scale," said Carrier.

However, Lapressaffairs reports that many of the studio staff are unhappy about the change in direction, with some workers threatening to resign. The studio is actually trying to gain numbers, with a target of 300 staff by 2015.

The studio's current focus is DC Comics-related IP.