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Waren Story

Battling online RPG launches first US closed beta today; three zones to explore.

ALT1 Games USA finally announced the first CBT schedule of the WarenStory (MMORPG) lifting the veil. The Waren Story is being attractively issued among users as it is the first time to show Waren Story up in the world. 

ALT1 Games USA will be starting their first closed beta test on March 25, 2011, at 11 AM PDT.

Vincent Guadagni, the head Project Manager of Waren CBT states this test will be mostly used to figure out and work on latency and disconnection issues, along with rooting out simple bugs such as typos and spelling/localization errors.

For the closed beta test, ALT1 USA will be releasing the first three zones of Waren Story. All four classes will be available up to level fifteen. The users will be test out the leveling scale, the PvE combat, and can explore the available areas. GMs will be available during much of the uptime for to answer questions and tour players through the content.

Therefore, there will be contents limited during the first CBT as it is a test for providing better service, and ALT1 Games USA is highly expecting that the CBT users will suggest better idea as well as helpful feedback for Waren Story. As this CBT mainly focuses on system test, it will provideevery user to be able to test Waren Story actively giving opportunity to receive items and game cash.

ALT1 Games USA will be starting their first closed beta test on March 25, 2011, at 11 AM PDT.  We looking forward to testing the game for an active audience. Sign-ups will close on midnight of March 24 th, PDT.

Waren Story is the first game released by ALT1 Games USA, an offshoot of Korean gaming company ALT1 Games. Waren Story will be free to play with optional added content during the commercial release.

Waren’s teaser site can be found at


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