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War Plan Pacific

There's still time to pre-order it, you'll be relieved to learn.

Hampstead, NC, 15 October 2008

Remember when you were a kid and you would reenact the battle of Coral Sea in the bathtub with your collection of toy ships? You'd make funny sounds, and splash the water around, and think to yourself, "One day I hope that someone will bring the fun and excitement of simulating the Pacific Theater on a computer rather than a bathtub. Computers are cool because they make the sounds for you and don't cause shrinkage when you sit there too long. And I hope that instead of taking forever and ever to play that I can play the entire war in a matter of hours." Then your parents would yell at you to get out of the tub-you're going to turn into a prune, and for Pete's sake stopping touching yourself-and your fantasy was gone just like that.

Until now.

Yes, you weren't the only one who wanted a fast playing game of the war in the Pacific on your computer. KE Studios wanted one too and being the computer developer type folks that they are, well they actually went ahead and did something about it.

War Plan Pacific is KE Studios answer to bathtub admirals around the world. Currently in late beta testing, War Plan Pacific will soon be available for the Windows operating system with a tentative ship date of November 20th and is currently available for pre-order.

Already naval warfare and strategy fans around the globe have made War Plan Pacific the best pre-order at Shrapnel Games in the past five years! Since first announcing War Plan Pacific's pre-order status the servers have practically exploded under the onslaught of pre-orders. Obviously there are quite a few gamers out there who share KE Studios' vision of the type of game they want to play.

If for some odd reason you have not yet pre-ordered there is still time! From now until the Great Pumpkin rises on October 31st, War Plan Pacific can be pre-ordered for only $33.45. After October 31st (which would be November 1st onwards, unless using the ancient Mayan calendar in which case it would be Untumyopia 62nd) War Plan Pacific will retail for $39.95. So don't delay and act now! Save a few bucks, guarantee yourself one of the first copies of the game, and pre-order today!

War Plan Pacific, developed by KE Studios and published by Shrapnel Games, is a fast moving grand strategy game for one or two players covering the war in the Pacific from 1941 onwards. Using a point-to-point movement system between twenty-nine historic bases, players command the air, naval, and ground (though ground combat is abstracted through base invasions) forces of either the combined Allied nationalities or the Empire of Japan. Turn based, with each turn representing one month, individual vessels of light cruiser size or larger are portrayed along with air groups, convoys, and amphibious assault groups.

A typical session is playable in about three hours, and although this may seem like a short time for such an epic conflict, KE Studios' goal has always been to balance playability with historical accuracy. War Plan Pacific fully allows gamers to explore the dynamics of the conflict, following either the historical paths of the combatants or forging new strategies, and yet not become bogged down in minutiae. As the IJN can you isolate the Pacific quickly enough to curtail the American threat? As the Allied player will your island hopping campaign force Japan to submit beneath an endless stream of bombers?

Three set scenarios and the ability to easily modify them through XML files ensures that War Plan Pacific will become a classic on your computer, with plenty of replayability. Direct play over the Internet also allows the thrill of kitchen table gaming over thousands of miles.

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