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War Leaders: Clash of Nations

WWII turn-based/RTS fusion seeks publishers in selected territories.

Press for immediate release date : 27.03.08

War Leaders: Clash of Nations (by developers Enigma SP) is the most comprehensive PC game of all times on the subject of the Second World War.  A game that all strategy fans have been waiting for which allows you to slip in the roles of the seven most important real Leaders of the war and to control all determining aspects of a big war!!!

Players can experience a gigantic variety of gameplay by playing two clearly differentiated but integrated MANAGER part (a turn-based MANAGER part with construction of armies, development of technology, establishment of diplomatic and trading agreements, etc ) & an RTS part (dramatic and visually amazing RTS battles, with hundreds of units in wonderful landscapes staged all around the world with very innovative game mechanics ).  The game offers 250 different units, 41 different maps, all the nations and 175 regions along the entire world to explore and use.

War Leaders will be released in German territories on 28th March by TGC (The Games Company). Other releases will follow: Atari in Easter Europe & Taiwan, MicroApp in France, Zoo Co. in Japan. Schanz International Consultants ( doing exclusive licensing for developers ) is now looking to finalising partners in remaining territories.

For more infos on War Leaders: Clash of Nations, please visit: www.war-leaders.com

More on Enigma: www.enigmasp.com

More on SIC: www.schanzgames.com

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