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Virgin PLAY adquires the rights to produce and distribute the videogame for Imira Entertainment´s Lola & Virginia

Madrid, March 11, 2008- Virgin PLAY and Imira Entertainment have recently signed a contract in which the Spanish videogame distributor and editor obtain the rights to produce and distribute the Lola & Virginia licensed videogame. The game is being developed for the Nintendo DS platform, and will be available fall 2008.

Lola & Virginia is an internationally known license, shown in over 90 countries around the world. The videogame will also be available worldwide by Virgin PLAY and its affiliates.

The series is about Lola, a 12 year old girl who lives in your regular neighbourhood, has to take care of her 2 bratty little brothers, dress with hand-me-down and second-hand clothing and put up with her friends who are a bit on the nutty side. However, she takes it all in stride, feels like the Queen of the hill, that is, until Virginia comes along. Virginia has everything that Lola doesn't, looks, brains, boys, money and parents who let her do whatever she wants. Envy is a bad thing and the relationship between the two girls quickly develops into a series of strategies, alliances and competitions. Lola is a good girl, but she´s no angel!

The videogame will be in line with the original series and the player will have to help Lola in overcoming Virginia.

Developed for girls between 8 and 12 years old and mirrors the same traits that are portrayed in the series and that are of interest in this age group: fashion, being the most popular girl in school and getting the cute kid in class to like you.

Mar Gaya, International merchandising, publishing & DVD of Imira Entertainment, comments: "We are happy to have closed this worldwide deal with Virgin PLAY. With the Nintendo DS platform, the LOLA & VIRGINIA series will have several licenses adapted to new technologies thanks to the high definition and easy adaptation of the license for videogames, mobile phones and the like."

Paco Encinas, General Director of Virgin PLAY, adds "Its great to count on Imira Entertainment for this joint project. We have put a lot of hard work and hopes into it and are sure that it will be a great success and open doors to new projects with Imira in the future. "

The series Lola & Virginia is currently aired in the United States, Latin America, Asia, Europe and the Mid-East. For information on TV channels and show times:

About Imira Entertainment:

Barcelona and Madrid based Imira Entertainment (formerly Icon Animation) is a producer and distributor of top quality youth programs. It creates innovative content for kids with strong editorial lines, and a universal appeal. Its productions incorporate the latest technologies (including HD) as properties are developed for cross media exploitation (TV, video, licensing, merchandising, mobile phones and publishing). Imira Entertainment distributes a catalogue of over 1500 half hours of premium kids programs, including animated feature films.

About Virgin PLAY:

Virgin Interactive España opened its doors in 1995 by the hand of Mariele Isidoro and Francisco Encinas as a subsidiary of the Virgin Interactive, owned by VIACOM. In May of 2002 Tim Chaney and Francisco Encinas lead a management buyout and renamed the company Virgin PLAY becoming the exclusive distributor in the Spanish and Portuguese markets for companies such as: Midway, Ignition (SNK), Koch Media and Koei just to name a few.

During this period, Virgin PLAY has become a leader in the videogame sector being responsible for launching franchises such as: Resident Evil, Command and Conquer, Driver and Baldur's Gate and is also the first 100% Spanish publisher for consoles.

Virgin´s first publishing projects were Torrente 3, Dead & Furious and Final Armada. The company will add on to their catalogue with titles such as Donkey Xote, Snow x Racing, The Crusades and Real Madrid, which will be published under Virgins new brand: V2Play.

Virgin sells and distributes its products worldwide using local distributors as well as their own offices in Spain and Portugal. For more information:


Virgin PLAY

Dpto. Comunicación Virgin PLAY

Teresa Núñez / Diana Radetski

Tel.: 91 789 35 50

Imira Entertainment

International Licensing Manager

Mar Gaya

Communication Department

Yolanda Martínez

Tlf. 34 93 265 07 57

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