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Vector Tanks

Retro-style iPhone shooter from Peter Hirschberg, apparently the inventor of translucent vectors in the mid-'90s.

Chillingo Ltd, Europe’s premier iPhone publisher has teamed up with Peter Hirschberg to deliver Vector Tanks – a 3D vector style shooter game on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Vector Tanks is the brainchild of programmer extraordinaire Peter Hirschberg, the inventor of the translucent vector effect technique in the mid 1990s – a technique which quickly became ubiquitous in arcade emulation implementations allowing programmers to enhance the visual qualities of vector style arcade games.

"Vector Tanks began when I decided I wanted to design a game for the iPhone that used a control scheme of a thumb placed on either side of the touch screen. I immediately thought "tank game" due to the unique controls that most of the early tank games had in the arcades. The iPhone platform is extremely powerful and really allowed me to take the graphics and game design a lot farther than I was originally hoping for. My passion is creating games that preserve what was great about the early arcade games and also take advantage today's graphics hardware. If you do it right, you can take a retro gaming experience and add an extra level or two of energy to it without sullying the spirit of the gameplay." said Mr. Hirschberg.

In Vector Tanks, the gamer is in command of a futuristic tank amid a surreal 3-dimensional battlefield. Retro gamers and fans of early arcade games will appreciate this classic video game battle of machine against machine - rendered in hyper-retro 3D vector style graphics and entertaining physics modeling.

“Mr Hirschberg has single handedly married the best features of a classic 3D vector style retro shooter game with the unique user interface of the iPhone allowing another generation of gamers to appreciate the coolness of this classic retro game genre. “ said Chris Byatte, Director of Chillingo Ltd. Chillingo is the publisher of high quality games such as Zen Bound™, Orions: Legend of Wizards, Sneezies, iDracula, The Quest and iPingPong 3D in Apple’s App Store.

Vector Tanks is priced at USD2.99 and is available now through Apple’s App Store.

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About Chillingo

Chillingo Ltd is the premier iPhone publisher in Europe for innovative games and software for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

About Peter Hirschberg

Peter Hirschberg is a gaming veteran, arcade video game enthusiast, and independent developer for iPhone and iPod Touch. He runs one of the largest private collections of classic arcade machines in the world, "Luna City Arcade".

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