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UW-Covert Ops

New achievements list coming to Facebook espionage game.

San Francisco, CA-June 24, 2010- Nvinium Games Inc, a social entertainment and gaming network, announced today that a new list of achievements is coming to UW-Covert Ops, the ultimate undercover and tactical espionage Facebook game. As the latest High Risk Covert Ops Team recruit, players now can earn skill points money and weapons by successfully completing Combat, Mission and Training Achievements, all while working toward become one of the best operatives in the field!

Overview of UW-Covert Ops Achievements List:

Novice- Earn skill points and this title by winning one hundred fights Born Fighter- Win one thousand points and be rewarded with skill points and this title Hunter- Upon victory of ten thousand points, players will be rewarded with skill points and a Kelvar vest for protection Wimp- Upon defeat of one hundred enemies, players will earn this title and gain skill points Wuss- If players lose one thousand fights they will earn points and be deemed a wuss Cry Baby- This title is earned by players after losing ten thousand fights Team Player- Claiming victory in one hundred team attacks earns players skill points along with this title Born Leader- Players who win one thousand team attacks will be deemed a born leader and earn points to increase their skill level I Am Leader- With ten thousand team attack victories, players will earn skill points along with this title Skill Novice- Players must utilize their special skills in order to defeat one hundred enemies and upon victory they will earn skill points and money Skill Expert- Win one thousand fights with your special skills and gain monetary prizes and up your skill level with added points Skill Professional- Upon victory of ten thousand fights with use of special skills, players will gain skill points

The follow up to Nvinium Games’ highly successful Unforgiven War, Covert Ops puts players in the shoes of the latest High Risk Covert Ops Team recruit. The HRC Team is a special unit that handles the most dangerous missions around the world, and where others fail...they don't. Comprised of the most elite soldiers from around the world, the HRC Team is the cream of the crop, and to make it as a member, players need to put in the work and take charge!

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