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Unity 3D hits 250,000 licences

Registered users up from just 13,000 last year

The Unity 3D engine now has 250,000 paying, registered licensees, a year-on-year rise of 237,000 from 13,000 this time last year.

Over 35 million installs of Unity's free licence software have also been clocked.

The numbers were announced weeks after the company launched Unity 3, the newest release of its multiplatform 3D engine, in a year during which the company also celebrated its fifth birthday.

"This has been a banner year, and the blessings simply won't end," said David Helgason, CEO of Unity Technologies.

"We bet on democratisation of technology and then upped the ante with a truly free license. Our growth proves how valuable enabling technologies are and how relevant 3D is to gaming as well as marketing, training, visualisation and simulation."

Unity hosts its own development conference for users and interested parties in Montreal each year, with this year's event taking place 10-12 November. Tickets are available now.

Unite 2010's keynote speaker, Jesse Schell, speaks in an exclusive interview elsewhere on, discussing Unity 3D, browser MMOs and the Nintendo 3DS.

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