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United Games unleashes another video trailer onto the internet!

Just a week after its PlayStation Portable footage rocked the world ( thanks to all you lovellllly people that linked to us. Ed.), United Games reveals its second teaser trailer, for its "What's Next?" DVD documentary on the future of videogames.

Highlights of the trailer include:

>>Roger Bennet of ELSPA

>>Women In Games Conference,

>>Nintendo DS (Run through of Metroid DS controls)

>>Half Life 2

>>PlayStation Portable (Run through of hardware)

>>Electronic Sports World Cup

>>Gerard Weiner of Nokia

>>JoyStick Junkies 3rd Birthday

>>....and TV presenter Emily Booth!

The trailer's soundtrack is provided by Xfm's unsigned band of the week - The Alps, featuring Capcom's UK PR Manager Sam Brace on guitar.

The free download can be found here:

About What's Next?

What's Next is a unique DVD production that features both an independent documentary into the future of videogames, as well as footage of games and hardware due both this Christmas, and into 2005, including exclusive PSP and Nintendo DS footage.

We took ordinary gamesplayers to all the big shows of 2004 - including E3 (Los Angeles), Women In Games Conference (Portsmouth), Electronic Sports World Cup (Poitiers, France), Edinburgh International Games Festival (Edinburgh), Classic Gaming Expo (Croydon), European Games Network (London), and GameStars Live (London). Funded by The Princes Trust, and made with the help of the public, "What's Next?" provides a fresh angle on industry analysis given by the gamers themselves. Soundtracked by eleven underground musicians, the footage has been compiled into one documentary presented by TV presenter Emily Booth.

The DVD is due for release in December, but available now to pre-order.

About United Games:

United Games Media was founded in 2004, by Mr AJ Mehta and Mr ACE Okell, to commercialise the activities of United Games - previously a non-profit, fan-made magazine distributed at independent retailers.

United Games Media's first product is "What's Next?", a DVD video documentary on the future of gaming, presented by Emily Booth (previously of Channel 4's BITS).

United Games Media also encompasses United Games' Game eXtra Services, including VHS, DVD, Print, Advert Design, Web Design, and Content Licensing services. Previous clients include JoyStick Junkies, OPM Response, RetroCollector, Interactive Selection, R Muzik and Rowen Bridler.

Contact Details:

E-mail: enquiries

United Games Website:

Game-eXtra Website:

What's Next? Website:

About The Alps:

The ALPS are made up of: Daniel ( lead vocal / guitar ), Dave ( bass ), Hezi ( drums ), and Sam ( Keyboards / Guitar ), the latter of which also works for Capcom, as UK PR Manager. The band have recently finished recording a session with XFM, due for broadcast from 10pm on the 7th of December, as part of Claire Sturgess' Exposure, Part 1. Three of their songs are available for free download at: Details of their upcoming gigs around London, can also be found at the site.

About Emily Booth:

Emily Booth first bounced onto our screens when she landed the leading role in 'Pervirella' - the madcap '60s-esque love-fest! She then made various memorable appearances on the L!VE TV cable channel, her work there included co-presenting the saucy film review show 'Blue Review'.

Her early film & TV exploits were noticed by producers at Channel 4 and she was recruited to help write and co-present the popular computer game review show 'Bits' with Aleks Krotoski and Emily Newton Dunn. Emily appeared on Bits for four series right up until the show ended in 2001. More presenting work followed and notable appearances after Bits include the oft repeated paintball challenge show 'Mission:Paintball', the carnage-filled series 'Demolition' (filmed in Australia) and she even presented some segments on the late great Channel 4 morning flagship show 'The Big Breakfast'.

Other credits include the excellent UK horror movie 'Cradle of Fear', the short film 'Inferno' ( BAFTA nomination for best short film ), 'outTHERE' for Bravo & Channel 5, 'Shock Movie Massacre' again for Bravo, bizarre betting gameshow 'Banzai' for E4, the documentary on the new 'Evil Dead' DVD box set, and Jake West's horror comedy "Evil Aliens".

More information on Emily can be found at her official website:

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