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Fantasy RPG for the iPhone, available at the App Store now in full and Lite forms.

Prague, Czech Republic – 19th October, 2009

Rake In Grass is proud to present the release of a RPG/dungeon Undercroft for iPhone and iPod touch

Undercroft is a dazzling, epic adventure set in a fantasy world full of magic and monsters. It combines the atmosphere of classic role playing games with plenty of new features, and brings it all together with cool graphics and sophisticated level design.

Rumors fly throughout the land of a great evil that has arisen from an old abandoned graveyard near the city of Dolbrad: The dead walk the realm, killing anyone who dares to uncover the secrets of the tombs.

You control a party of hotheaded adventurers who face setting in motion a stream of erratic events with just one unwise move — lead them to the horrific graveyard to face their unexpected fate.

The main features:

- 20 hours of gameplay with great replay value

- A party of heroes — because the whole is more than the sum of its parts! Enjoy building unique, specialized classes. Create a combined force with powers that overcome their weaknesses and make them a crew to remember

- Intricate plot with dozens of quests, and plenty of side-quests for extra experience gathering

- Unique turn-based combat system perfect for well thought out strategic moves as well as for fast, fluid attacks

- Five hero classes with a wide variety of skills and spells for unique development

- More than 750 items and 60 types of enemies

- Sophisticated interface with quick access to all the extensive functionality

- Many environments ranging from fiery pits and dark underground to forests, snowy mountains and large city

Game's official site:

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For further information please contact:

Pavel Tovarys, Producer

tovarys [AT]

About Rake In Grass:

Rake In Grass (with its casual brand 300AD) is an independent team based in Prague, Czech Republic. Rake in Grass released more than 20 titles on 5 platforms. The most popular are Jets'n'Guns, Larva Mortus or Be a King on Windows/Mac OS X; Archibald's Adventures, Crystal Cave Classic and Westbang on iPhone/iPod touch.

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