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Image Metrics to provide facial animation technology in new film.

LOS ANGELES, CA — Jan. 26, 2010 — Image Metrics, the leading provider of facial animation technology and services for the entertainment industry, is providing facial animation for the characters in the upcoming animated science fiction thriller film, Ultramarines. Produced by UK-based Codex Pictures, in association with Good Story Productions and Canadian co-producer Pop6 Studios, Ultramarines is based on Games Workshop’s iconic property Warhammer 40,000, the epic tabletop war game set in a bleak universe in the 41st millennium. The film’s release date has yet to be revealed. Ultramarines is Image Metrics’ first project with Codex Pictures.

“Given the legacy of the Warhammer 40,000 game, Image Metrics is especially excited to work with Codex Pictures on Ultramarines to bring the unique science-fiction universe to the medium of film,” said Brian Waddle, executive vice president of Image Metrics. “Creating an alternate world that fully immerses the audience becomes even more challenging when working with a legacy property, especially when in a new medium. Animating lifelike characters that establish believability is a critical part of forging this connection with viewers. The Image Metrics technology is a perfect match to create the facial detail and high fidelity animation required to bring movies like Ultramarines to life.”

Charged with creating lifelike superhuman Space Marine characters, Image Metrics is using performance capture data and character rigs provided by Pop6 Studios to deliver approximately 65 minutes of animation for the Ultramarines movie.

Ultramarines demands high quality facial animation in order to believably portray the Warhammer 40,000 characters. Image Metrics is the ideal technology partner for the project, giving us total freedom to animate the character in 3D space and lighting without restrictions or compromises on camera angles,” said Vanessa Chapman, Codex managing director.

About Games Workshop

Games Workshop is the world's largest tabletop wargames company. Based in Nottingham, UK, it designs, manufactures and distributes its range of Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 games, miniature soldiers, novels and resin models through more than 370 of its own Hobby centers, mail order, Internet and independent retail channels in more than 50 countries worldwide. Further details on the company can be obtained at © 2010 Games Workshop Ltd. Games Workshop, Warhammer 40,000, Ultramarines, the foregoing marks' respective logos and all elements from the Warhammer 40,000 universe are either ®, TM, and/or © Games Workshop Ltd. 2000-2010, variably registered in the UK and other countries around the world. All Rights Reserved.

About Codex Pictures

Codex Pictures is a London, UK-based production company with a focus on high quality animated features for theatrical and DVD release.

The team behind Ultramarines were producers of the original trilogy of highly successful and multi award-winning BIONICLE DVDs, made for the LEGO Company.

About Image Metrics

Image Metrics provides facial animation services and software to the interactive entertainment and film industries. Developed by a team of computer vision Ph.D.s, Image Metrics rapidly re-creates facial performances without markers or makeup, achieving levels of realism and fidelity that are unparalleled in computer graphics. Image Metrics’ solutions enjoy widespread adoption by some of the best-known production studios in the entertainment world, including Digital Domain, Rockstar Games and Sony Computer Entertainment. Image Metrics has offices in Manchester, UK and Santa Monica, California.

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