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UKIE announces new £500 membership tier

Lower price point intended to allow small interactive entertainment companies to join

UK trade association UKIE has announced that it has set up a second tier of membership with a new, lower price point in order to attract many of the smaller businesses to sign up.

For a cost of £500 will offer many of its existing benefits to companies, cut from the previous lowest full membership price of £4000.

"Whilst the physical product market remains strong, the boundaries between traditional developers and publishers are blurring and new business models are emerging," explained director general Michael Rawlinson.

"Our new lower membership fee shows that UKIE welcomes these exciting new interactive entertainment businesses and is committed to representing them and giving them the support that they need to thrive.

"I'd urge anyone interested in joining UKIE to get in touch with us and take advantage of this new membership fee as soon as possible."

Among the benefits that the new £500 tier members can enjoy are UKIE's work in:

  • speaking to government and to big industry partners on a range of issues including age ratings, education and skills, tax incentives and protecting intellectual property rights
  • exclusively owning key UK sales information and research
  • promoting its members' careers and businesses through our website and regular member communications
  • operating member taskforces and working parties to harness industry expertise and lead UKIE policy on the issues facing the industry
  • providing networking opportunities at UKIE owned events
  • offering IP protection support through our Intellectual Property Crime Unit
  • securing invitations to industry events (often discounted)

The move follows the organisation's remit expansion to represent all sections of the industry, rather than publishers alone.

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