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UK pricing for new PS3 tech confirmed

Amazon taking Move preorders, UK PS Plus fees revealed

Following the announcement that the PlayStation Move controller would go on sale from September, major UK retailers Amazon and Play.com have already opened pre-orders.

The new add-ons will be available from September 15. Currently, Play has set pricing for the Move itself at £39.99, the Navigation controller upgrade at £29.99, and a bundle containing Move, a PlayStation Eye and a demo disc sits for £49.99. Amazon asks a pound less for the Move and Navigation, but has bumped the starter pack price to £59.99.

This may be seen as unfavourable pricing for Britain, given the Move is €39.99 in Europe and $49.99 in the US.

Additionally, UK subscription pricing for PlayStation Plus, the premium upgrade to PSN, has now been revealed. 12 months will cost £39.99 (€49.99 in Europe, $49.99 in the US) a period during which Sony claims subscribers will have access to £200-worth of content. If a subscription is not renewed, any games or content downloaded during it will no longer be accessible.

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