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Ubisoft: films and games should be joint projects

Publisher executive, Yannis Mallat, calls for integration of movies and videogames

Film and videogame production should be conducted in tandem for crossover projects, says Ubisoft's Montreal's Yannis Mallat.

Speaking on a panel at the Game Developers Conference, Mallat described how Ubisoft is focusing on developing film and movie properties at the same time, for an overall "bigger" experience.

He pointed out that most videogame adaptations of movies suffer because they are often an afterthought for film studios, reports GameSpot.

Mallat said movies and games should be joint projects from inception to completion, holding up Ubisoft's collaboration with James Cameron, Avatar, as an example. Cameron's LightStorm Entertainment and digital effects company, Weta, are working closely with Ubisoft on the project.

"When we met, we understood we were on the same page with Avatar," said Mallat on meeting Cameron.

Ubisoft's overall aim, explained the executive, is to expand into movie producing itself, explained Mallat.

"[The] long-term goal is to have movie and game people [at Ubisoft] talk to each other in real time. That's happening already... and those filmmaking tools and processes will help us make better games."

Mallat brought up the potential of its Tom Clancy titles and Assassin's Creed as possible early film projects for Ubisoft.

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