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Ubisoft DRM servers attacked again

Hackers target login servers but Ubisoft claim 95% of customers unaffected

Ubisoft has revealed that the problems with the company's newly implemented DRM solution for new PC titles are due to ongoing attacks from hackers and not as a result of high demand, as previously implied.

According to the latest Twitter updates the servers were under attack again yesterday, with some users experiencing trouble signing in. Ubisoft claim that 95 per cent of players remained unaffected and that login servers were fully re-established at 1am CET.

Ubisoft also claims that Assassin's Creed II and Silent Hunter 5 "are withstanding the efforts to crack them" and that "no valid cracked versions exist". Most torrent sites do contain links to both games, but Ubisoft claim these are incomplete versions.

The two games were released at retail on Friday March 5, with the first attacks occurring over the weekend. The DRM requires players to be permanently connected to an internet connection, even when playing offline, which has caused outrage amongst many users.

Ubisoft implemented the system following heavy piracy of their PC titles, most notably the original Assassin's Creed.

"At the moment, if you release the PC version, essentially what you're doing is letting people have a free version that they rip off instead of a purchased version. Piracy's basically killing PC," said Ubisoft Shanghai creative director Michael de Plater.

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