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Collaboration between online war game publisher eFusion and plastic model maker Academy.

September 2009-09-24

In advance of the soon to be released tank online game Blitz 1941 Frankfurt based publisher eFusion MMOG GmbH announces a strategic cooperation with the highly acclaimed plastic model kit manufacturer ACADEMY PLASTIC MODEL EUROPE GmbH ( and the state-of-the-art online model kit magazine Mojoon (

eFusion MMOGs product manager commends: “We keep a constant and fruitful contact to the community of the free-to-play naval battle simulation Navy Field and also Blitz 1941, which is currently in beta status. We noticed a high interest of our gamers in details on the real ships and vehicles used in the games, and their fascination to hold a model of. So what could be more natural that using this fact for kinds of marketing cooperation? Great many model kits fans would try an online game to see, how their tank or ship acts in the virtual combat fields”.

As is a military online games based portal, which is now joined by one of the leading plastic model kit manufactures ACADEMY Europe and additionally by the modern online magazine Mojoon, which supports even beginners with hints and tips on their hobby. This gives a complete on- and offline cross-over package, which will also attract a young target group.

About eFusion:

eFusion MMOG GmbH is the official European publisher of Navy Field and based in Germany.

Navy Field Europe has been started from August 2007 and it’s published to Pan-Europe.

Since 2009 eFusion is developing Blitz1941 to offer one more ambitious military MMOG to gamers.

eFusion is focusing on MMOGs and will publish more qualified Korean MMOGs to the word wide markets.


Korean plastic model kit manufacturer ACADEMY is present for 40 years now. The distribution abroad the domestic market started not until 1982.

After prevalently changing importers the year 1998 saw the foundation of the ACADEMY PLASTIC MODEL EUROPE GmbH (Ltd.), thus distributing their range of items in Germany and other european countries self-contained.

From the beginning of the year 2000 the assortment was increased. Hence further makes and publishers from Germany and internationally as well are shipped by the flexible ACADEMY EUROPE logistics. Since the fifth anniversary in 2003 limited items are released frequently under the ACADEMY EUROPE brand.

About stands for high quality, elaborate model kit reviews online. The optimized, high resolution presentation of articles and reviews without any restrictions in space and volumes redefines the word “model magazine”. gives users a full overview on what happens in the world of military and civil model ships, planes and vehicles, fantasy figures, and a lot of how-to-do directions.

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