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Turf Wars

Find out whether the grass really is greener via the game's new forums.

**Turf Wars Media Alert**

MeanFreePath LLC., maker of innovative, location-based social games for major mobile devices, announced today that the Turf Wars forums have recently gone live! Now Turf Wars players can quickly and easily find new mob members, get help with local bosses or simply shoot the breeze with mobsters from all over the world. Available for the Apple® iPhone™ and iPod® touch, Turf Wars uses OS 3.0’s robust GPS capabilities to take social crime games beyond the hypothetical. It lets users battle it out for real-world territory in real-time, competing for Turf supremacy, influence, and the vaunted title of city mob boss or “Capo”.

Once players download the Turf Wars app for FREE at, they’ll be able to interact with enemies and allies from all over the world, talk trash and share tales of life in the Turf game on our forums – all without leaving the game! The Turf Wars forums will also be mirrored on Turf Wars’ main website at

Turf Wars forums are broken up into 5 Categories:

• General Discussion – wide variety of topics

• Invite Codes – the one and only place to post your mob invite code for maximum effect

• Help & Strategy – get help if you're having trouble or just want some tips

• Technical Issues – report technical issues

• Suggestions & Feedback – share ideas and suggestions with other players and developers

**NOTE: players can also use the “Feedback” button to talk directly with developers**

Turf Wars uses the scarcity of real territory in an interactive, world-wide map application to create a multiplayer experience that is truly dynamic. It is one of the first games to fully utilize the Apple platform’s GPS capabilities and the first social crime game to use real physical territory as a major gameplay element. Ally with friends and other fellow mobsters or simply destroy them! Turf Wars is more fun when it’s personal.

To download Turf Wars for FREE or for more information, please visit, and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook!

**NOTE: iPhone/ iPod touch users must be running Apple’s GPS-enabled, OS 3.0 or higher in order to play Turf Wars**

Media Contact:

Chris Keene

Reverb Communications


Phone: 209.586.1495 x110

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