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Travel the Virtual World with New Screens from System Rush on the N-Gage Platform

Espoo, Finland, September 16, 2005 -- System Rush from Nokia invites you to tour GlobeNet's virtual world through the eyes of a cyber-punk hacker. Your itinerary features places that the typical tourist does not see - you'll make your way through some of the most hostile GlobeNet networks - and you won't be in a rental car, airplane or bus - a Co-Vec (code vehicle) will be your mode of transportation. From South America to Russia, System Rush offers intense racing and multiplayer action on the N-Gage game deck.

Download the new screens and begin your GlobeNet world tour at

Here is a quick guide to the stops on your global adventure:

  • Russia - KGBXTREME Systems - A commercial offshoot of the defunct Russian security service, KGBX is a major player in the GlobeNet security market. Their system is rumored to be so well monitored that attempted hackers have had their brains fried...
  • South America - Highlife Pharmaceuticals - Known for manufacturing "lifestyle" drugs with questionable chemical components, Highlife has purchased large swaths of the rainforest for farming plants with medicinal properties.
  • East Coast USA - Heavenly Dollar Trading Corp - One of the largest financial institutions in the global economy, Heavenly Dollar Trading Corp uses its muscle to crush competitors and remain on top. It is said that top executives use witchdoctors, clairvoyants and mystics to forecast economic trends.
  • Europe - SoSecure International - SoSecure is a leading corporation in the security sector, known for cyber and biotech security products. They have ties to military around the world, and are researching human technology implants. Stay away from their dangerous cyber-animals...
  • Japan - The Fat Daddy Investment Bank - Known for being both extremely wealthy and unscrupulous, those in the know say that Fat Daddy has organized crime connections. Top executives are in prison for siphoning government funds, and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

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