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Puzzle platformer arrives on the US PlayStation Store next week.

Boolat is glad to confirm Topatoi's release date for North America. A puzzle-oriented platformer is expected to hit American PlayStation Store next week, October 15th.

We also pleased to announce, that Arcade Style Pack for Topatoi is available in Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand and can be downloaded for free from PlayStation Store. North American Arcade Style Pack will follow in November.

As it was revealed before, Arcade Style Pack is a small add-on, that enhances the Arcade Mode of the game, adds new characters and new ways of customization.

For more information, including gameplay videos and screenshots, please visit the official website:

About Boolat

Boolat is a game development company formed in 2001 and located in Donetsk, East Ukraine. Along with the production of own titles (5 projects shipped to date), it is also one of the leading localization teams in ex-USSR with more than 100 completed projects to date and a well-established outsourcing studio.

Today Boolat is experiencing rapid growth and expanding its structure. After releasing few PC projects, the company decided to move to console development, becoming the first East European developer of the PSN-oriented PlayStation 3 title. Boolat also shifted its interest from traditional means of distribution to digital downloads, which currently is the main focus of the company.

Media contacts for Boolat

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