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Japanese web-based MMOG shown off in English-language trailer.

Tokyo, Japan – OCTOBER 29, 2009 – Gcrest has released today the first trailer for their free-to-play game named TinierMe. The web-based manga and anime style virtual world allows gamers to create, socialize, and play unique mini-games for free. International English open beta started on October 5.

The TinierMe trailer is available for download at:

The TinierMe trailer can be viewed at:


Create and customize your own avatar

TinierMe invites players to join the relaxed-paced village named SELFY TOWN where they live as the customized dynamic flash avatar they choose. Gamers are able to customize their character with two cutting-edge Fashion Lines available. The Samurai Fashion Line gives gamers the opportunity to make their avatar look like a traditional Samurai with feudal armor and weapons; the Visual Key Line will transform their avatar into a cool and classy rock star. Gamers can purchase many other virtual clothing items designed by GCREST’s creative fashion designers and stylists.

Take a trip to the village: SELFY TOWN

While exploring the 20 areas of the village such as the river gate, the main plaza and the beach, players will experience catching fish, exchanging rings, and hunting for treasures hidden in SELFY TOWN. A large variety of events, mini-games, challenges, and surprises will entertain gamers every week. The special Halloween Masquerade event will allow gamers to win frightening and spooky items to celebrate Halloween! They will be rewarded with items or Chibi Coins (the in-game currency used to purchase items such as clothes, pets and furniture) so they can show-off in front of their new friends.

Make new friends!

Players can connect and interact with friends from around the world. The use of more than 20 different moods will help them to share emotions. They can invite each other to visit each other’s rooms, check out other’s outfits, and create groups of interests. Gamers can write their own personal diary, chat while playing, add new friends, and more.

As the beta version evolves, new furniture, clothing, challenges, and pets will be added. TinierMe appeals to everyone ages 13 and older.

Players can visit to sign up now for an account and play online for free. No downloads are required. Technical Requirements: Windows XP or Windows 2000, Internet Explorer, and Flash 10.

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GCREST is a leading online entertainment company based in Japan. GCREST, Ltd. was established in 2003 and has created many successful online games including Trickster, @games, and Barvillage. TinierMe, which is known in Japan as @games, is a game portal owned by GCREST. The game has gathered more than 1 million active users in Japan. TinierMe is a brand new class of online game portal site, with communication functions that make use of a dynamic Flash avatar called a SELFY.

Media contacts

For Europe enquiries:

Salima Bessahraoui, Cosmocover, at salima[at]

For USA enquiries:

Doug Mealy, Online Marketing and Public Relations, at dmealy[at]

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