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Tilt to Live

"Viva la Turret" expansion released as a $0.99 in-app purchase.

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Montgomery, Alabama - One Man Left Studios has announced the release of the first paid expansion for Tilt to Live for iOS, called Viva la Turret. For a 99¢ US In-App Purchase, users can access a new weapon, the Perforator turret, and a new gametype called Viva la Turret. While this expansion only applies to the iPhone version of the game, an iPad adaptation is also in the works.

Tilt to Live, currently enjoyed by more than half a million users, is an arcade shooter with a unique combat system. Rather than endlessly firing at enemies, players must evade them long enough to reach a weapon orb. On contact, each of the ten unlockable orbs unleashes a different offensive attack, including a burning barricade, an ice blast, and a spinning shield of spikes. All of this action is controlled exclusively by responsive, customizable tilt controls.

In Viva la Turret, Tilt to Live’s fifth gametype, players must make expert use of the new minigun turret against an endless barrage of fresh dot formations. Each turret lasts six point-earning seconds, during which players are fixed in place, vulnerable to droves of dots bearing down from all angles.

For each dot eliminated, a jewel is left behind. The number of jewels a player can collect between turrets will determine their score multiplier, making the difference between a “meh” highscore and a “MUAHAHA” one. Earning 2.5 million lifetime points in Viva la Turret will unlock the Perforator weapon for use in the game’s Code Red and Classic modes.

Viva la Turret marks the third expansion since Tilt to Live's February 2010 release. Previous expansions, all free of charge, have included the addition of three other gametypes: Code Red, Gauntlet, and Frostbite, as well as the unlockable "Burnicade" weapon.  

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