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TIGA: GTA IV demonstrates strength of UK development

TIGA CEO Richard Wilson says a more favourable UK tax regime is needed to improve record of success

TIGA, the national trade association representing developers in the UK and in Europe, said that the commercial and critical success of GTA IV demonstrates the vitality and creativity of the UK games development sector.

"GTA IV is a creative and commercial success, driving videogames deeper into popular culture," said TIGA CEO Richard Wilson.

"It is an adult game for an adult audience. As the average age of gamers increases the demand for mature games of this kind is likely to rise too."

Chart-Track estimated that GTA IV's first day sales in the UK were 609,000 units. While North American sales data has yet to be released, the game is expected to have sold extremely well.

"GTA IV’s world-wide success is indicative of the strength of the UK games development sector," Wilson continued.

"Our games industry is the largest in Europe and we are the fourth largest developer of games in the world. The UK games industry is also characterised by strong regional clusters. Scotland has a particularly creative set of games businesses. GTA IV’s triumph is a success for Scotland in particular."

While offering congratulations to Rockstar North, Wilson took the opportunity to argue for a more favourable tax regime for games developers in the UK. He also emphasised the need to tackle the shortage of underlying skills facing the games development industry.

"This approach will enhance the UK's capacity for creating more videogame block-busters," he said.

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