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Tiga calls for support in Pre-Budget Report

UK Government can take steps to help the games industry during the economic downturn, says Richard Wilson

Tiga has called for the UK Government to back the videogames industry in the upcoming Pre-Budget Report.

Highlighting the recent announcement by Ontario's Ministry of Economic Development and Trade that money would be made available to encourage developers to create jobs in the region, Tiga said that governments can support the games industry even during an economic downturn.

"The credit crunch, turmoil in the financial markets and declining economic activity constrain a government's fiscal room for manoeuvre; but constraint is not the same as paralysis," said Richard Wilson, CEO of Tiga. "Just as the Ontario administration is supporting its games developers in the midst of difficult economic conditions, so the UK government should back its video games industry."

"UK video games developers have a skilled workforce; experienced management teams; and an effective approach to outsourcing. UK games businesses offer high quality games, produced on time and at great value. The 14 per cent decline in the value of sterling against the dollar over the last 10 months has enhanced the inherent value and competitiveness of UK games developers."

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