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Ticket 2 Cricket

Batty cricket title out now.

In Ticket 2 Cricket you will play as the batsman who just needs to seize the day. User shall bat in the classic test matches and the dodgy one-dayers. Different situations arise during the course of the test series and user shall find oneself in a handful of quandaries. At times the team would require the user to bat and avoid follow-on and stay in the game. Other instances include the call for a batting blizzard when runs have to be scored to snatch victory. Playing conditions vary from bouncy pitches to damp ones and a challenging force summons before the player. In case of the one day match, the idea remains the same only lesser number of deliveries is permitted. But the pitch conditions during single matches do not stay uniform. All of a sudden the player is situated amidst a hail of bouncing, swerving and slower deliveries. Everything from the scenes to the animation is hand drawn and visuals evoke the yester years of cricket. When was the last time that one saw the animated duck when batsmen went for naught? Bowlers will test you with their sting and so oblige them with booming drives or hook them out of the park. Ticket 2 Cricket is an unique treat for cricket lovers and especially for folks who love to bat, in games or for real. So go on and write a legend!


Jonathan Das

iPaholics Ltd

Karwan Bazar, BDBL Bhavan

Email: jonathan@ipaholics.com  

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