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There is a rumble in the Jungle as DK King of Swing launches on Game Boy Advance

08 December 2004 ââ'¬â There's trouble in the jungle and Donkey Kong is here to help. A star in his own right, Donkey Kong is back to claim his title as King of the Jungle in DK King of Swing, as it launches on Game Boy Advance across Europe on 4th February 2005. This is not the only entrance Donkey Kong is making in Europe on that day, as Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat launches exclusively for Nintendo GameCube on 4th February 2005 too!

Donkey Kong and friends are back to swing their way through the game as they must retrieve the medallions stolen by the evil King K Rool. To do so, they need to travel through different environments and levels and not only is it necessary they win back the medallions, they also compete to win the throne as 'hero of the jungle.' The jungle is vibrant, bustling with action and excitement!

In this swinging story, elements of platform and puzzle games are included and a unique control system let's you swing through the trees and spin to build up momentum for a mighty leap! The L and R buttons come in very handy in this game as they are used to control each of Donkey Kong's hands as he lunges from branch to branch.

DK King of Swing has a multiplayer mode which offers fun and entertainment for up to four people. By connecting up Game Boy Advance Game Link cables, players can compete with their friends to become the King of the Jungle.

DK King of Swing for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance launches across Europe on 4th February 2005 for the estimated price of around 40 Euros. There is more Donkey Kong fun on 4th February 2005 as Donkey Kong Jungle Beat launches across Europe exclusively for Nintendo GameCube, complete with DK Bongos, at the estimated retail price of around 60 Euros.

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