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The US has a "healthier culture" for non-profits, says de Ronde

One Big Game's director says the US has a favourable environment for setting up non-profit businesses

Martin de Ronde, director of the non-profit videogame publisher One Big Game, has said that the US has a "healthier culture" for non-profit organisations to work in.

Speaking to at the GameHorizon conference in Newcastle, de Ronde explained why he chose to establish his company's headquarters in the US despite a history of founding and working for EU-based businesses.

"In the US there is a much healthier culture when it comes to non-profits, over here non-profit is often seen as non-profit, you know, you don't have to make profit," de Rond said.

"In the US you're treated as a similar business partner, you're there to make an awful lot of profit the only difference is you're doing it for the public benefit. So you can be really aggressively commercial, which is good because that is what we should be doing."

"I've always felt the climate in the US for non-profits is far more competitive and healthy," he added.

The full interview with One Big Game's Martin de Ronde is now online.

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