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The Outfit(TM) Deploys Destruction on Demand(TM) to Microsoft's X05

THQ and Internal Studio Relic Entertainment Deliver WWII Action Complete With Extensive Multiplayer Options and the Freedom of Total Destruction

CALABASAS HILLS, Calif., Oct. 4 -- THQ Inc. (Nasdaq: THQI) and award-winning internal development studio Relic Entertainment today announced that The OutfitTM, an explosive third-person WWII title combining intense squad-based combat with the Freedom of Total Destruction, will be featured at Microsoft's X05 event held October 4 and 5 in Amsterdam. The convention will showcase highly-anticipated, upcoming releases for the Xbox 360TM video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, as well as key titles for the Xbox® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft.

"THQ is committed to developing ground-breaking original titles for Xbox 360 and taking full advantage of the system's capabilities," said Kelly Flock, executive vice president of worldwide publishing, THQ. "The Outfit pushes the hardware to its limits and expands the genre significantly, combining an epic storyline with the freedom of total destruction to fully capture the cinematic intensity of war."

"More memory, more power, and better tools mean we can focus on a high definition experience that immerses players in the game at a more intense level than ever before," said Ron Moravek, general manager, Relic Entertainment. "Destruction on Demand and the Freedom of Total Destruction in The Outfit isn't something we could have done justice to on any system prior to Xbox 360."

The Outfit sets itself apart in three major ways from other action/shooter games on Xbox 360:

  • Destruction on Demand -- As players progress through the game and complete mission objectives, they'll earn field units (FUs) that can be used on the fly to call-in "Destruction on Demand" -- weaponry air-dropped into the action at any time. Everything is available from tanks, jeeps, half-tracks and other combat vehicles to machinegun nests, anti-tank emplacements, squad reinforcements, air strikes and artillery strikes on enemy targets.
  • Freedom of Total Destruction -- Featuring interactive and fully destructible environments, The Outfit gives gamers the freedom to shoot, blow up or demolish anything in the world. Destroy buildings, bridges, walls and fences -- everything in the world can be leveled in the player's battle against the Nazi forces.
  • Choose Between Three Playable Squad Leaders -- Each possesses specific skills and abilities (i.e. Close-combat specialist, Heavy-arms specialist or Anti-tank specialist.) Players will lead a squad of battle-forged soldiers on a variety of combat missions -- ranging from reconnaissance and rescue to search and destroy. With automated squad AI, players' squad will act like a highly trained infantry unit that responds to actions as well as dynamic battlefield situations -- laying down suppressing or covering fire, taking cover or rushing enemy positions.

Because of the versatility of Xbox 360, players can experience the cinematic intensity of WWII combat through 12 epic single-player missions or online with Xbox Live® for a variety of multiplayer modes, including co-op. Taking gaming to the next generation as an Xbox 360 title, The Outfit will be viewed in high-definition (16:9, 720pHD) and heard with 5.1 Dolby surround-sound.

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About Relic Entertainment

Founded in 1997 and acquired by THQ in 2004, Relic Entertainment is a leader in the development of innovative real-time strategy games for the PC. Relic's first title, "Homeworld" (1999), was received to widespread acclaim, garnering several "Game of the Year" and "Strategy Game of the Year" awards from major industry publications including PC Gamer and Computer Gaming World. Since then, Relic has released "Homeworld: Cataclysm" (2000, co-developed with Barking Dog Studios), "Impossible Creatures" (2003), and "Homeworld 2" (2003). The studio's most recent release, "Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War" (2004), won numerous accolades including "Strategy Game of the Year" from Computer Gaming World. Today, Relic is building on this legacy by developing multiple groundbreaking PC and next-gen console projects in the RTS and action genres including "Company of Heroes", "Warhammer: 40,000: Dawn of War - Winter Assault" and "The Outfit".

About THQ

THQ Inc. (Nasdaq: THQI) is a leading worldwide developer and publisher of interactive entertainment software. The company develops its products for all popular game systems, personal computers and wireless devices. Headquartered in Los Angeles County, California, THQ sells product through its global network of offices located in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Korea and Australia. More information about THQ and its products may be found at < > and < >. THQ, THQ Wireless, Relic Entertainment, The Outfit, Destruction on Demand and their respective logos are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of THQ Inc.

About Xbox 360

Xbox 360 is the most powerful video game and entertainment system, delivering the best games, the next generation of the premier Xbox Live online gaming service, and unique digital entertainment experiences that revolve around the gamer. The system will launch this holiday season in Europe, Japan and North America, to be followed by availability in Australia, Colombia, Hong Kong, Korea, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore and Taiwan in 2006.

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