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The official web site of the game UNDERWATER WARS was opened

Biart invites you to the official web site of our project Underwater Wars

Biart Studio Press release 31.10.07

This year we have presented concept of our new game - Underwater Wars. The presentation took place at the KRI Conference ( The Members of Jury have estimated our work on advantage - Underwater Wars has entered into three leaders in nomination "The best game for consoles KRI 2007".

Underwater Wars is hi-tech project with original idea of a plot. Action of the game is developed not only on a land, but under water too. The main characters of the game are members of the elite and super confidential group of Navy Seals.

At the beginning of December Biart will take part in Game Connection Europe, where we will demonstrate our next-gen engine. Also Biart will present two new projects, which are in development now. We aren't announced publishers now because we have negotiations with several companies. If you are interesting in publishing, please write to our email.

Shot information about project:

Title: Underwater Wars

Genre: Action/FPS

Platform: PC/XBOX360

Engine: biEngine

In a basis of the subject line there are all world problems which we observe now: danger of the nuclear war, countries of 3 world which became stronger and more powerful, interstates conflicts and fight for power and world domination. The heroes of Underwater Wars balance on a thin side between peace and war and do anything to save so fragile balance. Our heroes will fight on a land and under water.

Key features:

for PC, XBOX360 platforms modern game engine historical background 12 missions squad based FPS with two viewmode two main characters (man and women) secret underwater weapons hydro accelerate system, mini submarines and etc three types of gameplay :

- underwater bases

- underwater operations

- ground/islands/town missions

- multiplayer mode

If you interest in more details of our project, please call or write us.

Biart Studio LTD.



Tel/Fax: +7 (499) 135-3467

Information for mass media:

Pr-manager: Akhmatova Arina

Tel.: +7 (499) 135 34 67


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