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The Lord of the Rings Online: Mines of Moria

Refer a friend, earn Amazon vouchers.

4th February, 2009 - Codemasters Online have today unveiled a fantastic, new “Refer a Friend” programme for its award-winning, massively multiplayer online role-playing game, The Lord of the Rings Online™ (LOTRO).* Now players can earn themselves Amazon vouchers simply by encouraging their friends and family to join them in-game by creating their own LOTRO accounts.

“With its immersive storyline, innovative features and breathtaking world to explore, The Lord of the Rings Online is well regarded as one of the world’s premium MMOs and a game that really excels when experienced with friends,” explained David Solari, Vice President & General Manager, Codemasters Online. “What better resolution to make for the start of the New Year than to encourage your friends to start playing with you, while earning rewards for yourself at the same time?”

To take part in the programme, which launches on 4th February all current players need to do is visit the LOTRO Refer a Friend page at and enter their friends’ email addresses to send them a personal invitation to a fantastic 14-day free trial and a 25% discount off the game.** In return, players can look forward to a £5 or €5 Amazon voucher for each friend who goes on to create a full game subscription for themselves.

The Lord of the Rings Online is the ultimate online adventure and has just celebrated the launch of its first retail expansion pack, Mines of Moria™, which continues the epic story of Middle-earth and introduces new character classes, hundreds of new quests and the revolutionary new Legendary Items system. For more information on The Lord of the Rings Online™: Mines of Moria™, please visit

For full terms and conditions for the Player Referral Programme visit

*This information applies to European Players Only

** Applies to European digital download of the game through Codemasters e-store only.


Codemasters is a leading developer and publisher of best-selling interactive entertainment products for a global audience across multiple gaming platforms and channels. Established in 1986, the company’s dominant brands include Colin McRae DiRT, Race Driver GRID, Overlord and Operation Flashpoint; the company recently secured the exclusive worldwide video game rights to FORMULA 1. Codemasters is headquartered in Warwickshire UK, with North American operations based in Universal City, California. The company also maintains operations in Germany, France, Spain, Benelux and Malaysia. Codemasters receives over two million visitors to its web site every month, discover why at


Codemasters Online is a leading global publisher / operator of online persistent world games. Established in 2005 and part of the wider Codemasters organisation, in a short time Codemasters Online has become one of the west’s leading gaming companies specialising in persistent world services. With a suite of successful persistent games including the hugely popular The Lord of the Rings Online™, ArchLord and forthcoming space based MMO Jumpgate Evolution, Codemasters Online is one of the fastest growing specialists in massively multiplayer online games in the world.


Turbine, Inc. is the premier creator and operator of massive, persistent online worlds that foster powerful social gaming communities. Turbine has grown to become one of the largest privately-held online gaming studios in North America. Turbine has created some of the world’s most popular and award-winning online games, including The Lord of the Rings Online™: Shadows of Angmar™, Dungeons & Dragons Online® and Asheron's Call®. For more information on Turbine, its products and services please visit

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