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The Legacy of Holy Castle

Browser-based MMO castle-building game launches open beta.

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After the successful CBT, The Legacy of Holy Castle entered its wonderful Open Beta on June 5. As the Open Beta launches, the more Online Events will be open at the same time .

1. Free Blessing of the Gods

From the Myth times, all the gods have been guarding this continent, until today, the gods still bless the braves of this continent. The castles which obtain the bless of the gods will be get the tremendous economic and time advantage.

All the players who start our game within one week from the beginning of the Open Beta will get the Blessing from four gods. the blessing time will remain for one week.

The four gods: Demeter, Prometheus, Kronos, Arthemis.

2. Invite Your Friend

Invite your friends to join our game, and play together. You will obtain 100 Gems as a rewards, if area of the castle, which belongs to the one you recommended, reaches 100 in the Open Beta.

3. Zodiacs lucky days

From the Open Beta open, 12 Zodiacs lucky days system will be launched, each player each day can obtain one lucky Zodiac for that day, but there is no a particular order of the lucky days.

4. Top Three Rewards

The credit of the castle signify the development of every castle, the higher credit is the higher level of the construction and the technology.

After the Open Beta launch, the first three castles which credits reach the 2000 points will get the special GEM rewards.

The Champion: 150 GEM

Second place: 120 GEM

Third place : 100 GEM

5. Hero Top Ten

In The Legacy of Holy Castle ,every powerful lords must have a strong hero to assist, so the hero's ability will reflect strength of the lords partially.

After 24 hours from Open Beta launch, the top 10 of the Hero Rank will get the Hero TopTen rewards.

Rank 1-5 Adventure Scorll * 60

Rank 6-10 Adventure Scorll * 40

6. Tournaments Hero

Tournaments is one of the most interesting entertainment activities of The Legacy of Holy Castle, you can challenge all the online players' castles, and the result of the challenge will only affect the Honor of the hero, won't affect the credit, the resource, and the attribute of the hero.

After 24 hours from Open Beta launch, the top 10 of the Hero Rank will get the Hero TopTen rewards .

(Click "Tournaments", you can see the rank of the hero. if you want your hero showed in the rank list, please set that hero as the defend, and don't send him/her to do any mission.) The rewards only for the hero who is online and in the rank, the one who is offline or do a mission will not appear in the rank.

Wonderful game and events is waiting for you. Welcome to join the Open Beta, good luck!.

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