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The GamesIndustry.biz Podcast: E3 Expectations (2018 Edition)

Download now for our best bets on what we can expect to see next week and how the biggest games firms can most impress the industry

Our latest podcast is available to download now, and you'll never guess what we might be talking about.

Yes, June is upon us, prompting the entire GamesIndustry.biz editorial team to unite and discuss the upcoming video games extravaganza that is E3.

Working through the major press conferences that always serve as the tentpole for this annual event, we discuss what we hope to see from each platform holder and publisher in terms of both line-up and strategy, as well as speculate on some of the games that might get announced.

The discussion ranges from Microsoft's lack of first-party titles and over-reliance on external publishers to Sony's oddly scattered approach to arranging game announcements before, during and after its showcase. As for Nintendo, what will the Mario maker focus on in its Direct and what will be revealed during the divisive (and very long) treehouse sessions?

We also touch on third-party publishers Bethesda, Ubisoft, Electronic Arts and Square Enix. A mix of leaks and pre-E3 announcements means much of these companies' line-ups is already known, but what surprises will there be? And did someone mention 'battle royale'?

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