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The Games Fund moves to Miami

In addition, 70% of the venture capital fund's investments flow from Western game companies

The Games Fund has now relocated to Miami following Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

As reported by VentureBeat, the venture capital fund was previously based in Moscow, Russia.

The gaming investment firm moved from multiple locations before settling in Miami.

Ilya Eremeev and Maria Kochmola, two of the fund's co-founders, also serve as its managing partners.

VentureBeat added that the company has shifted its investments to Western game companies, where 70% of its deal flows are from.

"There are a lot of changes before us, but at least for now, it's clear how to navigate the storm," Eremeev said.

In 2021, The Games Fund launched a $50 million early-stage investment fund to support game companies within Europe and the US.

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