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The Games Factory 2

Use it for free to develop content for Newgrounds.

For Immediate release!

Clickteam is excited to announce its partnership with online creativity portal Newgrounds is now offering prospective Flash creators the chance to use The Games Factory 2 to create Flash content for the Newgrounds site absolutely free in a special edition of the tool. This special version of TGF2 gives users a basic set of objects to use and will compile SWF for the Adobe Flash Player files that will work on the Newgrounds website.

Newgrounds established in 1995 by creator Tom Fulp has been one of the leading portal destinations for gamers and creators alike wanting to see cutting edge and unique user generated content.

Clickteam is the development group behind award winning software titles such as Klik and Play, The Games Factory 2 and Multimedia Fusion 2. The full version of The Games Factory 2 combined with the optional Flash Exporter allow users to post their flash creations anywhere on the web, as well as build games for Windows and other platforms.

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