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Expands product line for Nintendo DS™, PlayStation® 2, PSP™, Game Boy Advance™ and PC formats in 2006

LOS ANGELES- (May 9, 2006) - Building off its success as an international publisher of video and computer games based on leading international children's characters, The Game Factory, today announced its third and fourth quarter product line at the 2006 Electronic Entertainment Exposition. Feature film and small screen stars like Garfield, The PowerPuff Girls, Johnny Bravo and Strawberry Shortcake come to life for young gamers just in time for the holiday season. Titles for the Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, PlayStation® 2, PSP and PC-CD Rom platforms can be purchased via toy, electronic, video game, software and mass market retailers throughout North America and Europe. The Game Factory will be demonstrating its new titles at this evening's eFocus Press Reception and May 10 through May 13 in Booth #1500.

"The Game Factory is proud to be exhibiting amongst our peers for the first time at E3 this year," said Henrik Mathiasen, president for The Game Factory. "Our deep portfolio of children's video and computer games based on growing and established licenses has been quietly gaining acclaim over the past year. With our presence here at E3, we have the opportunity to bring our quality gaming experiences for young gamers to the attention of a mass audience."

Third and fourth quarter 2006 releases:

Cartoon Network Racing - Gamers will race in 18 different environments including 6 show-themed locations. Each show-themed location has two unique track layouts. All environments are interactive allowing gamers to change it, open shortcuts, unleash hazards to delay opponents, and even find hidden speed-ups. To extend playability, users can choose from multiple game modes: Championship mode, Time Trial mode, and multiplayer modes. Ages 5+; NDS and PS2

Code Lyoko - Mirroring the stylized animation of the popular television program, the game enables users to experience 3D action role playing within the world of Lyoko and 2D adventuring in the "Real World." 40 different towers are filled with devious traps, puzzles and secret areas to overcome as well as enemies to defeat. Using classical RPG mechanics of "levelling up" and learning new skills, abilities, and magical Lyoko Lore powers, players become digital heroes who can vanquish their enemies. "Code Lyoko" takes full advantage of the Nintendo DS system such as the touch screen and wireless multiplayer. Ages 5+;

Legend of the Dragon - Players join the battle by taking on the role of one of the characters from this universe. All the important places from the cartoon series including, the 12 sacred temples, The Dragon Dojo, The Zodiac Master's hideout, The Temple of Shadow Dragon, The Great Wall of China and Hong Kong Bay are present in the game as combat arenas. The eight different game modes including PlayQuest, Arcade, Training, Survival and more ensure hours of challenging game play. To multiply the fun, three of the modes are multiplayer. The game will also match the 3D animation from the television program. Ages 7+;PS2 and PSP

Garfield 2 / A Tale of Two Kitties - Garfield has managed to take a trip to London, by hiding himself in the luggage of his owner, Jon Arbuckle. Players are asked to help Garfield overcome obstacles and finish exciting missions while fighting opponents, solving puzzles, and participating in racing and flying challenges! Fun tempo missions ask the player to listen to the music and help Garfield dance to the rhythm. Varying levels of difficulty allows players to enjoy hours of re-playability. Ages 7+; PC, PS2 and NDS.

Strawberry Shortcake Strawberryland Games - Strawberry Shortcake, along with her berry best friends and their pets Pupcake, Custard and Marmalade, is getting ready to participate in the Nearly-Once-a-Yearly Strawberryland Games. Compete as Strawberry Shortcake and Blueberry Muffin in three different Strawberryland events: Berry Boarding down the whip cream slopes of the Sundae Mountains, Balloon Rise through candy cloud skies of Strawberryland and Black Liquorice Leap from one end of Punchbowl Pond to the River. Several levels of difficulty for each mini game make the game exciting, appropriate and challenging for children of different ages. Players can take full advantage of the special Nintendo DS features such as the DS Stylus and the touch screen or even play a two player wireless version of Berry Boarding using the wireless multiplayer feature. Ages 5+; NDS.

Strawberry Shortcake Adventures in the Land of Dreams -- Based on new upcoming movie release, play and interact with everyone's favorite redhead, while helping her good friends Angel Cake, Gingersnap, Orange Blossom and Huckleberry Pie celebrate her birthday. Each friend has prepared a tricky "mini game" behind their houses and each time she succeeds Strawberry receives a clue for what to do next. Players also help Strawberry fight the mysterious Sour Berries while working unusual tools such as the Whip Cream gun and the Ice Cuber to overcome obstacles in the games. Ages 5+; PS2.


The Game Factory is an international publisher of video and computer games based on leading international children's characters. It is a subsidiary of the K.E. Mathiasen Group A/S, the largest Nordic company within children's licenses and spanning many different product categories such as: Apparel, toys, candy, home furnishing and games. For more corporate info, screens, packs and product information, please visit

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