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The Chronicles of Spellborn

Arena District to get Skirmishes and League in upcoming update.

If you've been exploring the shards of Spellborn, you may have discovered the Arena District in Quarterstone. In the upcoming patch, there will be a lot of changes and new features to the Arena.

The Arena is the introduction to the PvP system being implemented into The Chronicles of Spellborn allowing unique events that you can enter, or just to battle it out with your friends.

The Arena includes Skirmishes and Leagues. Each one has its own uniqueness and a stunning concept to entice even players new to the PvP.

It marks a new Chronicle for the Spellborn adventure.

The Arena

The Quarterstone Arena is a magnificent structure which houses many events.

The Arena will offer players the possibility to play Arena Skirmishes and take part in the ranked Arena League.


Arena Skirmishes allow players to play 2v2 and 4v4 with no strings attached. Any player can sign up for a game and will be matched up with players in the same level range. Players will be placed in one of five unique Arenas, where they are placed head to head to prove their skills. Had a good game? Think you could have done better? Vote for a re-match with the same setup to get your revenge and stay in the action. Skirmishes are not tied to any personal score and thus offer a great opportunity to hone your skills, try a new Skill Deck setup or squeeze in a quick round of Player versus Player.


The Arena League is aimed at those players who want to show their skill and prove their worth. Players can create their own uniquely named team which can be registered for either or both the 2v2 and 4v4 League. Matches fought for the League will directly impact the team’s ranking and position on the ongoing League. The team performance will be awarded to each player in the form of points, which can be used to acquire unique Arena Rewards.

The Arena is one of the first steps into introducing PvP systems into The Chronicles of Spellborn and will be followed by many more. The performance of teams and players on their own will also not go unnoticed by the High Houses that govern the Enclave, ever searching for their new Champions.

You can find all the screenshots at www.tcos.com


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