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The Call of Cthulhu: Darkness Within Book 2

He's got your number.

Mayhem Studio presents the expected continuation of The Call Of Cthulhu, the first Graphic Adventure game for mobile phones

Finally, the second part of this exciting game that surprised the entire world for the high quality of its argument and its graphics, is here.

"Your name is Balthasar Carter. Until a few days you were a simple university student dealing with his Doctoral Thesis about Ancient Religions. But then your Tutor, Professor Cornelius Osgood, ask you to help him in the Excavation he is at charge in Egypt. ..."

With this game, Second part of The Darkness Within feel a new concept of mobile game: The Graphic Adventure. In it, you must choose the correct options in each situation and a mistake can lead to death or of losing sanity completely.


- A classic graphic adventure where player would fight

against mysteries and unexplained murders.

- Discover clues, know the weirdest characters and feel all

the excitement of this adventure that will carry you out of

your mind.

- A easy game system allowing to select dialogues, to

interacting with scenery and to follow the history in all


- A script full of mystery and some humorous moments and

a well designed graphic style recreating all the flavour of

Egypt in the 20's

Available in July 2009

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