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Tencent closes shop on Team Kaiju

The US studio was dissolved as many of its members were moved to other projects

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Tencent has shuttered Team Kajiu, a North American subsidiary of the TiMi Studio Group.

The US studio was established back in 2020; it had been working on a AAA multiplayer title and was overseen by former Halo and Battlefield leads Rosi Zagortcheva and Scott Warner.

With the closure of Team Kaiju, the unannounced game project was also canceled.

In a statement sent to, a TiMi representative said, "As part of this decision, we’ve moved many of our teammates to other projects within Tencent and TiMi and said goodbye to a few talented teammates."

"TiMi remains committed to making games for global audiences and will continue to hire and work on our other game projects in North America. We thank every member of Team Kaiju for their effort, passion, and professionalism."

Additionally, as per their LinkedIn profiles, Zagortcheva and Warner have moved on to work at new game studios and projects.

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