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Techland opens its own digital storefront

Gemly will feature exclusive content for its own games and those it publishes, as well as games from third-party publishers

Dying Light developer Techland has launched a digital storefront, Gemly, which will host "exclusive content" for its own games and those released through its publishing arm.

Techland, which is based in Poland, started back in 1991, but it arguably rose to wider attention with Call of Juarez in 2006. Aside from Dying Light, the most popular franchise it has worked on is Dead Island, though Deep Silver owns the IP rights in that case.

The company's publishing initiative only started a year ago, and only two games - Torment: Tides of Numenera and Pure Farming 2017 - are currently listed on its website. With a limited amount of content to draw from within Techland, Gemly also features content from a number of third-party publishers, both major companies and indies.

Gemly isn't a platform in its current state, either. With no separate client, all games purchased on the storefront must be activated through Steam or GOG.

GOG is an interesting reference point in this case, as it is the online store started by another pioneer of the Polish industry: CD Projekt Red. The success of The Witcher franchise allowed CD Projekt to grow GOG into a platform with a feature set to rival the market leader, Steam. Techland's move into the distribution market has followed the success of its own IP, Dying Light.

Earlier this week, Techland revealed that Dying Light still has a community of 500,000 weekly active players, which it will continue to serve with a year of free DLC content.

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