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Tales of Pirates

New Battlefield Server powers up tomorrow.

The gates came crashing down on the new Tales of Pirates ( Battlefield Server at 3:00 am EST (GMT-5) January 27th, 2010. Now, pirates from across many different servers will be able to challenge each other face to face on the battlefields of ToP!

When proud warriors get grouped together into one server, it can cause rivalries and outright hostilities, when you have several servers grouped together, the battles are spectacular! This new server is meant to take those combustible elements and mix them together to create one potent brew. Like all potent brews, moderation is encouraged; this one is limited to designated times and and for short periods. However, moderation hasn't watered down the action in this server, as each battlefield championship is divided into 3 sections that include the Chaos Argent Fights, Dungeon Wars and Guild Wars.

Starting with the appropriately named Chaos Argent Fights, two factions, each representing the players from a specific server, will have at it for control of Argent City Pool and the 2 credits that go along with victory. It can be chaotic as players fight to the death for glory and honor, but would they have it any other way?

The Dungeon War is actually the only one that deserves a better name. 'Dungeon' doesn't even begin to describe the hellish nightmare players face down in the depths of the Demonic World instance. Magma spews, and shadows play as the two opposing factions again cross blades, but this time, they face off with a mammoth Black Dragon roaming the battlefield picking off the stragglers. With each side trying desperately to either save the 3 designated buildings, or destroy them, while also trying to avoid the hungry jaws of a dragon, its not long before these pirates are longing for the ease of dealing with a hurricane on the high seas. Whoever has the fortitude to come out on top picks up 3 credits for their server, and something better than a T-shirt reading "I survived the Demonic World".

The most popular, and the one with the most friendly and inviting name would have to be Guild Wars. Sign up and registration are relatively straightforward, and are handled by one of ToP's capable GMs. Opposing guilds are created, and are made up of the usual team of players representing different servers, then...this is where all hell breaks loose. After registration is complete and players have been put into teams, the GM leaves and players are free to go at it, with no rules or limitations imposed. Needless to say, its been the most popular among the 3 sections.

After all the sections have been completed, the winning server is announced and the players from that server are awarded their prizes, including a specially designed apparel set unique to this event ?the Night Deity Robe. Although this and other prizes can be quite lucrative, it seems that the most valuable commodity changing hands after this event is bragging rights.

So, if you think you've got what it takes to hang with the best, then grab your gear and join the pirates who are never afraid to throw down and leave it all on the field of battle. Click to find out more about the Battlefield Championship.


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