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Paradox and Gameplayers' game development competition won by Flipside of the Divine.

Stockholm, January 29. The winner of Paradox and Gameplayers game development competition is the game Flipside of the Divine developed by The Flipotechs. The winners received their awards at restaurant Ego, with many members from the Swedish game industry in attendance. A unanimous jury, consisting of Boel Bermann (Paradox Interactive), Andreas Roman (writer and game designer), Mikael Säker (Game Director), Iona Rosin (game designer) and Emil Olofsson (indie game expert), agreed that Flipside of the Divine had to win because:

Flipside of the Divine demonstrates that innovation alone is not enough, but innovation, mixed with rock-solid development is the killer formula for a high-quality compelling game. Plus the pace of Flipside constantly keeps you on your toes.

However good game mechanics is not enough you also require a high standard of technical quality to support this. Flipside is not just the best game in this competition – it is a great game, period.

The same competition will take place this year, and will start in February. The information about the competition and entry forms will appear on Gameplayer and Paradox Interactive thanks all participating teams for their passionate commitment and inspiring productions.

Flipside of the Divine by The Flipotechs

This three-dimensional action puzzle features an environment inspired by Incan culture. Move across dizzying heights as you jump your way through the adventure. Try not to let vertigo get to you, as it is a long way down.

Download the demo here:

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