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Supernova 2: Spacewar

Now even more super following 1.0.3 update.

August 4th, 2008 – Supernova 2: Spacewar is a space war game combined with a resource macromanagement simulation from Tycoon Games (

Just two months after the first version, Tycoon Games has released a major game update. The new features bring new life to Supernova 2, introducing the following enhancements:

- “Skirmish Mode” allows players to focus mainly on the war game: all technologies are known and unlimited resources and money to build fleets directly on startup are made available to the players.

This is perfect for those players who want to enjoy only the war game.

- “Ship Customization” is a new screen where gamers are able to create custom ship blueprints or modify an existing one: each device now requires a certain amount of space and energy, but the possibilities for custom combinations are endless.

- “Statistics Screen” enables the player to see various, interesting statistics about the current game like battles win/lost, total ship killed/lost, etc.

- “Real-Time Turns” is an option within the game macromanagement, so the time advances automatically without having to end each turn manually. Players can set their own speed using the plus and minus keys to change game speeds or press the “P” key to pause/unpause.

There have been several, minor bug fixes implemented, and improvements have also been added. Riva Celso, designer/programmer of Tycoon Games stated, “Any existing customer can just redownload the game to get all the new features for free, adhering to our policy of unlimited lifetime free updates. For those people who've tried the previous version but didn't like it for any reason, I encourage them to give it another try, since now it is definitely a different game”.

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