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Street Gears

12 tricks come launch, but only once beginners have mastered the basics.

Press Release

For immediate release

“Street Gears” is the upcoming in-line skating MMORPG of the portal, open beta is schedule for the end of June. Players can now discover the tricks and system acrobatics of the game, before they begin riding around Park Town.

The tricks are an important component of “Street Gears” and are utilise in races or when wandering around Park Town. There will be twelve tricks available at the launch of the game, but only advance players will be allowed to avail of all twelve tricks, beginners will have limited access to the tricks. Indeed, they will need to obtain high degree of skill, in order to gain access to the highest and most incredible tricks.

The use of the tricks is related to the context and environment of the game. Thus, some tricks are only available while skating on the ground, during a jump, or while grinding on walls or barriers. In order to complete a trick, it is necessary to complete a precise combination of keys in a limited time. Failing to complete the trick may result in a critical fall leading to huge penalties.

The tricks have different effects depending on the game mode they are used in. While in Speed Mod or in Park Town completed tricks will fill the Boost gauge, once full, this allows players to trigger a dazzling speed boost for a limited time. Apart from this acceleration, tricks also give access hidden bonuses and assist you finishing a race in top position using some cutoff roads. Finally, tricks allow you to beat competitors and trip them on the walls in order to gain a few places in the track.

Many more challenges await the in-line skaters at and will be live on “Street Gears” by the end of June!

About gPotato

“Street Gears” is a free multiplayer roller game published in its French and German version by Gala Networks Europe Ltd, which is leading free to play online games publisher in Europe. Gala Networks Europe publishes free to play, online games via its online gPotato Europe portal:

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